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Michaud Engineering Inc. continues to serve industrial clients and has extensive experience in the paper industry.  We have designed lifting aparatus, managed installation projects, and consulted on equipment upgrades.  In 2016, Michaud Engineering assisted in the first of its kind in Maine retrofit of a Save-All to replace the centershaft with an aftermarket product that featured a unique center support mechanism to reduce stress on the shaft ends, reduce fatigue along the shaft and extend the life of the equipment.  This work was performed in conjunction with Valmet, Inc.



Center shaft support

Michaud Engineering Inc. has partnered several times with Criterium Engineers on various pojects including building inspections, reserve fund studies, equipment commissioning and more.

In May, 2005, Michaud Engineering has partnered with Accruent (formerly VFA)o perform facilities assessments at various sites throughout the country.  Accruent is a leader in comprehensive facility assessments and equipment condition analysis, and Michaud Engineering is proud to be affiliated with them.

In November, 2004, Michaud Engineering was engaged to assist  Unicco Service Company with their facilities management responsibilities at St. John's University in Queens, NY.  Michaud Engineering has been contracted to assist with project and maintenance management responsibilities on site.

Because engineering is an information business, we have posted some links to some key web sites where you can get more information about your particular issue.  Click here to visit the Key Links page.

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