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Michaud Engineering is an engineering services provider focused on building inspection and condition assessment, maintenance engineering, and project management for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  We can assist you or your company by improving your existing maintenance management processes, reduce costs, and improve systems uptime.  Additionally, we can manage projects such as equipment installations  from design conception through execution and completion, allowing you to focus on your key business.

What can Michaud Engineering do for you?  Here are a few examples:

Commercial, industrial and residential building inspections

Develop and implement an effective maintenance program.

Analyze and improve existing maintenance and operations systems and practices by developing strategic process improvements.

Manage the installation of manufacturing or commercial building equipment, from specification through start up - if you don't have the resources to help your business grow, let us help.

Analyze and recommend improvements in energy efficiency, process flow, cost reduction and other key metrics for your business - and then help you implement the changes necessary to realize those improvements.

Augment your existing engineering staff without having to hire additional personnel.  Let us help you get through peak periods without adding staff that you may not need in the long term.

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Digitizing your existing paper drawings and organizing them in a searchable database along with your other electronic documents.

















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  • These are just a few of the ways in which we can help your company be more effective.  If your company lacks the internal resources or expertise to tackle these challenges, don't ignore them - call Michaud Engineering.
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